Wednesday, April 14, 2010

L-lemme think

Love is the first thing that pops into my head for the letter L. Original.
I have love handles. Hell, I have love luggage :) I am working on getting rid of those. It is hard. Yesterday my gym buddy and I turned the workout up a notch. We elevated the levels on the treadmill to five (eek) and walked at almost (2.8) speed for a mile. That was like walking up a hill really fast! We got sweaty! It was great. It was hard for me to finish the whole time, but I did it. I wanted to turn it down for a second, but I didn't! That was a great feeling.
Last night, me and my lazy arse (I still love that word, tartyness) decided to go for a walk. So I changed got the ipod and the girls and left. We walked 6615 steps, were gone about an hour and saw some awesome scenery. The pics were taken with my phone, so not the best quality...but they get the point across :)
Here are some pretty flowers along the way

The clouds looked amazing, so I clicked a pic..

A View from my phone :)

the girls playing around

If you look close you can see our deer friends :)

The girls playin around some more

It was a great walk. We nearly froze on our way home, but it was worth it! We will definately be going again soon. Our neighborhood is awesome!

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The Alliterative Allomorph said...

LOL. Isn't it great when you suddenly get this surge of energy and you find an awesome fulfilling way to use it. Nice idea. :)

B. Miller said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing your day with us - very cool! I liked this post a lot.

Jen said...

Wonderful pictures!!! I fell across your blog thanks to B. Miller and then found out that you are doing the A to Z challenge which means I must friend you!!! How fantastic! I love luggage too... hehe!!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Incredible scenery. How could you NOT want to go for a walk?

Watery Tart said...

Good for you, upping the workout and then going AGAIN! Getting moving really is the key, isn't it? I try to control the eating, but that goes up and down... MOVING THOUGH, now that is something I can get behind! (speaking of arses *snort*)

scrappyjan said...

Just wanted to stop and thank you for entering my blog candy. GOOD LUCK!
Hugs, Janiel

Slushpile Slut said...

LOL!! Love luggage...too funny...Good luck Sugar with your exercise routine and thx for the pics, it's kinda like we went on a walk with you...except my lazy arse was perched in front of my computer. Have a great w-end!

wolfie 402 said...

Those are pretty good pics! I would love seeing deer near my house, but considering I live in LA, that's not going to happen. Oh well, hope you had fun!