Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today is K

I almost forgot to post something for the Challenge..
K-hmm...Kindness..we definately need more kindness in the world.
Knowledge.. I am learning more every day. How to be a good writer, how to process thoughts and put them on paper so the reader will know what I'm trying to describe as if they were in my head. That is a hard one.
I am learning lots with my scrapbook challenges also. New ideas of working with paper, using things that I would not have thought of before.
My daughters got Kites last year, and still haven't opened them to play with. Maybe this year. It sure seems to be windy enough.

I am totally random. Yep.

Have a great day!


B. Miller said...

Kindness, Knowledge and Kites! Love this little list of K words!

Nice post, even though it was short and random! Great job. Thanks for sharing.

Not enough hours! said...

Kindness, Knowledge, Kites - can there be three better K words?

~ Rayna

Slushpile Slut said...

Love the randomness...Hope you get out soon to fly those kites :)