Monday, April 26, 2010

A bit behind

I'm a bit behind on my blogging, been busy, scrapping, writing, being a mommy, etc..

Heres me catching up..again

T- Time? Well..I would love more Time! Who needs sleep? I need more time for me, for my kids, for my housework, for my workouts, for my writing, for my scrapping (which I am like 50 years behind on) for cooking, for um..well.. everything.. How do we sign up for that list that gives us more time?

U-underachiever.. that's me. I always try to fly under the radar. Try not to be noticed. I am thinking when I publish my first book, short story, etc..whatever comes first.. I may not be able to hide under myself. I think I'm ok with that. I want to know that I can accomplish something, something that will uncover me!

V-Vampires. I love vampires. The classic vamps, the new sparkly vamps (sorry tart) and all in between. I have a fascination with the undead. I so wanted to start my novel about vamps, but I think it may be too soon. Too mainstream. I may get it done, and perhaps hold onto it for a while. We'll see. I do so want to create the perfect vamp story. But, don't want to get swept under the rug. I decided on fairies and powerful witches. *snort* That may be worse. Idk.

I forgot to take pics of my lil windowsill garden. Will try to soon. Promise :)


JLStratton said...

Sleep is a crutch, Who needs it? Love you pretty little blogsite. Left you a message. I'm currently working on some paranormal erotic fiction. Maybe we can swap notes. Although, I have not succumb to the vampire thing yet. I am running close though with some werewolf theme running through my work.

Sugar said...

Thanks J! That sounds like a great idea!! Feel free to email me anytime!!

Watery Tart said...

I hear you on those! Time is the bane of my existence right now. I have deadlines in every aspect of my life and it's making me crazy.

And I've always joked that I was an underachiever, too--I think it is my way of keeping expectations low--possibly what you need is a little role-play time, perhaps as a tart trying to achieve naked world domination... eventually it will get more comfortable to hang it all out there...